Windows 10 Paged error in nonpaged area

Adams Fright

New Member
I was trying to install Windows 10 using bootable usb and there was a power cut off while deletion of a partition was going on. And later on when I started it back, the loading screen keeps on loading quite for long time and then, after 10-15 minutes, a message appears that - paged error in nonpaged area and hence we need to restart. Because of this, I am unable to do anything. Any kind of help will be appreciated and it is quite urgent.
If you can boot off the USB again you should be able to enter the repair options (instead of installing).
If you were attempting this install on a laptop from a battery, and the battery drained, this type of problem is common. It's critical that if you were doing this on a laptop to have the AC charger plugged into the wall outlet during the entire time of the Win10 download/upgrade process. Power interruptions of any kind can scramble your install/upgrade. If your computer is a desktop PC, and you experienced a blackout/brownout during the install, same thing can happen. Just rescue per kemical's linked instructions.