Patient Accidentally Swallows Part of Dentist's Drill


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640_NewDentistDrill.jpg Swedish man suffered a nightmare ordeal when he accidentally swallowed part of a dentist's drill, The Local reported.
The patient was having a routine procedure on his teeth when the drill bit suddenly came loose in his mouth.
Before either the dentist or his assistant could reach in to pluck it out, the unsuspecting patient had accidentally swallowed the metal attachment, the Swedish news website said.
The man was rushed to the hospital for an X-ray following the bizarre mishap in the central province of Vastmanland. Medics located the missing part in his stomach, but reassured him that it posed no risk.
The misplaced drill bit was expected to come out "the natural way," Vastmanland County Council said. :andwhat:

Patient Accidentally Swallows Part of Dentist's Drill -

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