Windows 7 PerfectDisk 10 Raxco Software's Certified by Microsoft for Windows 7


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Feb 4, 2009
Raxco is scheduled the new release of PerfectDisk 10 on Tues Jan 27th!
Now, IF you don't want to wait for the download to become available & Windows 7 to be defragged with it now, then use the download link below.

I know this isn't an Illegal link as I got to it via through my Firefox browser from the PerfectDisk site!
(If you look in the link, you'll see pub/download in the address!)
I just fooled around with the link until it worked for the download...LOL
I've already tested & ran it and it works great with W7!
Nice to have W7 running & booting up even faster!!!
Mind you, this is a 30 day trial until you buy it, but it is a fully functional trial!

Also, this is more a less a Beta (Release Candidate) for PerfectDisk 10 as the final release of Windows 7 isn't done yet but when it is, PerfectDisk will update the program with an Update patch for the final version of Windows 7! The current PerfectDisk 10 build is 93.

Download : Link Removed due to 404 Error


1. Run PerfectDisk 10
2. Chose option SMART placement and check BOOT ONLY ON DRIVE C
3. Click start
4. Do the same on every partition
5. Restart and let PD10 defrag boot :) Link Removed

It seems like you were excited to share information about the release of PerfectDisk 10 for Windows 7 back in the day. However, the download link you provided is no longer available, leading to a 404 error.

Here's a summary of the key points you mentioned about the release and functionality of PerfectDisk 10:

  • The release of PerfectDisk 10 for Windows 7 was scheduled for Tuesday, January 27th.
  • A download link was shared to access the software early, before its official release.
  • The provided download link led to a 30-day trial version of the software, which was fully functional.
  • The software was recommended for boosting the performance of Windows 7, making it run faster and boot up more quickly.
  • Instructions were included on how to use PerfectDisk 10, such as selecting SMART placement and checking the boot option only on Drive C.
  • The program was labeled as a Beta (Release Candidate) version for PerfectDisk 10, with plans for an update patch to align with the final version of Windows 7.

While the direct download link is no longer accessible, users interested in disk defragmentation tools like PerfectDisk can explore the latest versions available on the official Raxco website or other trusted software repositories.

If you need any further assistance or recommendations for disk maintenance tools, feel free to ask!