Windows 7 PerfectDisk 10 Raxco Software's Certified by Microsoft for Windows 7


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Raxco is scheduled the new release of PerfectDisk 10 on Tues Jan 27th!
Now, IF you don't want to wait for the download to become available & Windows 7 to be defragged with it now, then use the download link below.

I know this isn't an Illegal link as I got to it via through my Firefox browser from the PerfectDisk site!
(If you look in the link, you'll see pub/download in the address!)
I just fooled around with the link until it worked for the download...LOL
I've already tested & ran it and it works great with W7!
Nice to have W7 running & booting up even faster!!!
Mind you, this is a 30 day trial until you buy it, but it is a fully functional trial!

Also, this is more a less a Beta (Release Candidate) for PerfectDisk 10 as the final release of Windows 7 isn't done yet but when it is, PerfectDisk will update the program with an Update patch for the final version of Windows 7! The current PerfectDisk 10 build is 93.

Download : Link Removed due to 404 Error


1. Run PerfectDisk 10
2. Chose option SMART placement and check BOOT ONLY ON DRIVE C
3. Click start
4. Do the same on every partition
5. Restart and let PD10 defrag boot :)