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Windows 7 playing DVD in Mediaplayer


New Member
Feb 15, 2009
I am not able to play a DVD with the Windows 7 Mediaplayer .. Any hints how to overcome this problem ?
For non Blu-Ray DVD's you need the DeCSS decrption library -- usually obtainable in Linux Distros as LIBDVDCSS.

An easy way to get this for Windows is to install a trial version of say WINDVD. Don't activate it. Now install VLC -- some versions of VLC won't have the DeCSS library in it so it will pick up the DeCSS library from WINDVD.

Play a DVD with VLC and whilst playing uninstall WINDVD -- it won't remove the DeCSS library while its being used in another application.

Now you should have FREE DVD playing. And tell all those smarmy DRM supporting Lawyers to "Go and Make a sexual Move with a Duck" :razz::razz:

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To GomJabbar and Jimbo45

Thanks to you both of you for the reply it helped to solve the problem.
But does that fix allow you to play a DVD in Media Player, or just VLC?

The original question was to playing DVD's in Media Player - not just in another program in W7.
Hi -- Both.

So long as the decryption library (not sure what the windows .dll file is) but once it's installed then Windows Media player will play commercial DVD's.

That's why installing something like WinDVD will work as it has the built in decryption library. When uninstalling so long as you are using VLC or Window Media player WinDVD won't remove the decryption file.

Playing DVD's

Yes confirming jimbo45 explanation, it worked for me and i can play DVD's in Mediaplayer too.
I just downloaded and installed the latest version of VLC vlc-0.9.8a-win32.exe and it plays commercial DVDs out of the box. :cool:
Mine was working, but all of the sudden it quit. I get the following message

"Windows Media Player cannot play DVD video. You might need to adjust your Windows display settings. Open display settings in Control Panel, and then try lowering your screen resolution and color quality settings."

I have dropped my screen resolution as low as it will go and I still get that message.
Hi there
Why not use VLC for DVD playing -- works a treat (including libdvdcss - standard DVD decryption module) - both in Linux and Windows.

Saves a lot of bother -- also plays nearly every audio codec in the planet as well.

Am using vlc on W7 X-64 --no probs.

Windows Media plauer is an abomination (not the Media Center --thats a different argument).