Police hunt Hitler moustache defacer, village of Pitcombe upset

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    Conservative councillor Mike Beech reported the incident after seeing the poster in question and officers have begun an inquiry under the Public Order Act, saying the poster could cause distress to Mr Beech.

    However, local residents are not in full support of the investigation, which has seen four police officers visiting residents in the small hamlet, with many thinking it is a huge waste of money.

    David Issitt, 58, who lives in Pitcombe, told the Daily Telegraph: 'Everyone I have spoken to thinks it is completely over the top. Even the constable who visited me told me he had better things to do.'

    A police spokesman said: 'Police started an inquiry under the Public Order Act that the posters could be deemed to cause "harassment, alarm or distress" to an individual.'

    'Officers are duty bound to investigate formal complaints of criminal damage,' they added.

    Mr Beech told reporters he was 'trying to forget' the incident.

    Earlier this month, police in Gloucestershire were accused of overkill when £20,000 was spent on an operation to catch a pair of salvagers who stole 47p of scrap metal.

    The operation involved a helicopter, two vans, three patrol cars and two dog units, as well as eight officers.

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