Windows 7 ☛ Prey 2 announced by Bethesda for 2012 release date

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    Bethesda have announced that they will release Prey 2, a sequel to 2006's Prey, next year for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.


    The sequel to 2006's generally well-received Cherokee mythology-meets-alien abduction first-person shooter, Prey 2 will be developed by the same studio responsible for the original, Human Head.

    Unlike the original, which was for PC and Xbox 360 only, Prey 2 will expand to also appear on the PS3. More details, apparently, will be revealed in the upcoming issues of PSM3, Xbox World and Official PlayStation Magazine.

    Six years may seem a bit of a long time to wait for a sequel, but when compared to the original game's development time of over a decade, it seems pretty reasonable. As with the first title, it will be based on id Software's id Tech engine - presumably the latest version, id Tech 5, also being used for Rage.

    Of course, in the intervening years, one of Prey's main gameplay selling points - the use of portals - has been taken on a bit further by, well, Portal.

    In a statement announcing the game, Bethesda said in press release-speak that Prey 2 will 'provide gamers the opportunity to explore a new facet of the Prey universe, one that offers fast-paced action in an open, alien world.'

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