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Windows 7 Problem after Formatting


New Member
Feb 4, 2009
Hello there! I kind of have a problem with my OS list when I first boot up my computer.

You see, I installed Windows 7 Beta 64-bit version, but when it would load, the screen would go blank. I am not sure, but I maybe should have installed the 32-bit version instead.

Because of this issue, I loaded Windows XP, formatted and removed the Windows 7 partition, and extended my Windows XP partition. After the format and extension, there is still a small issue.

When I first boot up the computer, the OS list loads, asking me which one to boot from. The choices are "Earlier version of Windows", "Windows 7", "Microsoft Recovery Console", and "Ubuntu". When I select earlier version of Windows, the choices now are "Windows XP Home Edition", "Microsoft Recovery Console", and "Ubuntu".

If I choose Windows 7 instead of XP or Ubuntu, it says "Windows failed to load".

Is there a way that I can remove Windows 7 from the OS list, without seriously screwing something up? This computer is sort of a "test computer" right now, but it might become the main one soon.


EDIT: I fixed the problem on my own, with a recovery disc that came with my computer. Thanks very much.
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