Windows 7 Problem after running Adwcleaner.

Good morning, day and evening. Yesterday I ran Adwcleaner in attempt to remove some junk that made my computer choppy ONLY when moving the mouse cursor. I do not know if the problem is resolved, because after running it, I can't access the internet on any applications beside from Internet Explorer (32 and 64) And the Steam Client (steampowered).

I do not have access to the internet on applications such as Google Chrome, League of Legends or other games that require it.

I also ran TDSKiller and Zoek in hopes of getting to the bottom of this. Anyone know what I can do?
My ipv4 and ipv6 are both set to automatic, and there is no proxy set.
Adwcleaner log will be posted if needed.

Hi! What do you show in device manager? Are there any yellow marks there?
Have you tried to restore to a earlier time before the problem started?
Are you trying to connect wireless? Have you tried with a Ethernet cable?
Here's some things to check!
Why can't I connect to a network? - Windows Help

Hello. Close and/or remove the thread. I did not resolve the problem in any other way than a full system reset. I've tried everything on Google for 2 days now.

Thanks for your feed back. Glad you got your issue solved with a reset! I have ran ADwcleaner on many PC's and never had any problems.
The program is for removing malware not for repairing mouse problems. I'm familiar with TDSS Killer for removing rootkits. I'm not familiar with Zoek.
I believe it also scans for malware.

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