Problem Installing AMD drivers


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Hi everyone,
I hope that you can help me with my little problem facing the installation of my graphic card's drivers, Thanks in advance...
I have an AMD radeon HD 7400M and Intel HD graphics Family so after I download the drivers from the main website of each one and install them successfully I get several issues :
-I can't find the 'swichable graphics' option in the right-click-on-the-desktop menu so i can't switch between using Intel HD or AMD.
-The AMD catalyst control center has only 2 tabs ('pinned' and 'preset') while it has to have like 10 tabs or so.. which means there are some missing components...
-Sometimes the screen goes crazy and keep turning black or even red...
-Sometimes I completely lose sight of AMD and i don't seem to find it either in the device manager-display graphics or in the local disk but then again this only happens when windows self-upates which i deactivated recently.
I tried all of the basic solutions i know; rebooting, re-installing (over and over again) and other solutions i found online, i even returned the computer to factory condition using hp recovery manager a couple of times so i'd really appreciate it if someone took the time to help me out.


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1) Are you using the drivers provided by your computer manufacturer or AMD itself? (I would strongly recommend using AMD driver)
2) Have you tried using the AMD Clean Install or AMD Uninstall to completely remove any driver files/reg keys?


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1) I am using the drivers provided by AMD itself
2) I've tried clean install but then again the swichable graphics option is still not available, plus the control center lacks a lot of tabs..
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