Windows 8 Problem installing apps from app store

When I go to download a app or game from the app store and it starts to download, but after a few minutes I get this message:
Something happened and this app couldn't be installed. Please try again. Error code: 0x80080206

I checked on the error code and found what might be a solution:

This error code is usually displayed when windows is unable to determine if you are using a genuine version of Windows. Since, you are getting this error when trying to install an app, I would suggest you try these steps and check:

Method 1: Modern app troubleshooter

This issue could also be caused due to an app error. So, I would suggest you to download and run the Modern app troubleshooter to fix any app errors. You can download it here:

Method 2: Reset store cache and check

If you are unable to install any apps, you can try resetting the store cache and then try to install and check. Refer these steps:

a) Press Windows key +R, type “WSReset” and press enter
b) Check if it takes you to a store page which displays that the cache has been reset
c) Now try to install the app and check.

I can't install an app on my pc it says error code 0x80080206 - Microsoft Community

If you still are having issues after trying the above then please post back.
i am having the same problem an have tried both methods but haven't had any luck. do you have any other suggestions?

i tried your second method another time and now my store wont open. it just keeps going back to the start menu.
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Did you upgrade or did you do a clean install? If you upgraded it might be worth resetting the os back to it's factory conditions. You can do this by clicking settings, change pc settings, look for Update and recovery and then Recovery. Try the middle option..
I have tried both way as well and my store could not install the app. I got a laptop with windows 8 already installed.
Right click on it, choose properties and then run as admin.
Thanks David, yup that's the same download. I wonder why your having such issues. Try this, type command prompt in search and when it comes up right click on it and click run as admin. Type:
sfc /scannow
Press enter and await results. If it finds any corrupt files within Windows it will try and fix them.
Hi guys i try all of this ways but i have that problem yet plz help me tnx!
Similar to the System File Checker is the DISM Tool. This will, if possible, download files to repair missing or corrupt data. Opn the admin command prompt and type:
DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
Press enter and await results.
i got this message
I got a new Laptop with windows 8.1 installed on it and I'm getting the same error. I'm trying to install Project Spark but it's not working. I have tried all these steps too. I'm not sure how to fix it... Could someone help?