Windows 8.1 PROBLEM saving/reading/opening .INI files

Hi i am programmer and i noticed this problem due programming all my works i save in one .INI file on Windows7 that worked perfectly now i installed a win 8.1 64 based system and i cannot read/save/saw what is inside .ini file PLEASE FIX IT i need it i dont want to go on win7 again :D


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There are a number of questions that need answered in order to help you.

1) What programming language and method(s) are you using to read/write to the ini file(s)?
2) Where are you placing the ini file(s)? In later versions of windows you should be placing these files in a folder that is completely user accessible, such as AppData (%APPDATA% variable contains this path for the current user), and probably not in the windows folder itself.

i am scripting in pawno for SA MP tdm server just for fun i am placing filles in the folder nex to my GameMode on Detskop using Y ini plugin to write ini files and notepad to open them

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