Windows 7 Problem when I pin programs to the taskbar


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Jan 24, 2009
Hi, i'm trying Windows 7 instead of Vista since yesterday, and today the taskbar began to act weirdly...
When i try to pin a program (like songbird for example), the icon does not appear in the taskbar, but when i click right on the program i tried to pin, it says "unpin from taskbar". And the funny thing, it's that sometimes (not always), when i unpin from the explorer (even if it does not appear in the taskbar), the icon finally appears in the taskbar, but these program is considered unpinned, so when i click on the icon on the taskbar, it give me an error (because the shortcut doesn't exists anymore...). It is the same for internet explorer, which worked well before i unpinned it.
I tried many ways (adding the icon by dragging it, click right on a shortcut to pin it, and when i try to pin it directly from the taskbar when the program is open, it acts like it doesn't do anything)
Did someone experienced the same problem ? (i didn't find any thread about this problem on the forum). thx

(sorry if my english isn't very good, i'm french).



I finally found the way to fix the problem.
For those who experience it go to
Link Removed - Not Found
It happens when you suppress the "IsShortcut" key in the Windows registry (to remove the arrow on links).
So if like me you does not support those arrows, either your go back to XP/Vista, or your wait for the problem to be fixed (by Microsoft or others).

Hope it helped.
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