Windows 7 Problem With Sync Center


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Jan 15, 2009
My computer reconizes my Smart Phone (AT&T Flip Windows Moble 6.1), however Sync Center does not. Has anyone else encountered this problem? I can not set up a partnership. Sync Center tryes to start but bombs out.
Windows Mobile Device Center

I had the same problem. I have no idea what is wrong with Sync Center, but I was able to connect to my phone by plugging it in, going to Control Panel > Network & Internet > Window Mobile Device Center.
I have the same problem as JGiers, I think.

Just plugging my phone in doesn't make it sync, but I can access the files in my Compyet -> Portable Devices.
Only when I start the Mobile Device Center is starts to sync. After I did the I can close the Mobile Device Center, connect my phone again, and it will sync automatically like it should, until I reboot and the trouble starts all over again.

I noticed after I connect in the Mobile Device Center it will keep a Sync Center icon running in my systray, I guess the problem is Sync Center isn't started automatically when I boot my PC. But how do I start Sync Center on boot without bugging me with any windows, I just need it to run in the systray.
Sorry for doubleposting, but I found a solution myself and I thought I let people know who might be searching for the same.

(I am on Windows 7 Home Premium RTM, things may be different for other Windows versions)

The solution to my problem above was, launch C:\Windows\WindowsMobile\wmdc.exe on startup.

Make a new shortcut, enter C:\Windows\WindowsMobile\wmdc.exe as shortcute, name it anything you like, and move it to the Startup folder under All Programs in your startmenu.

wmdc.exe is the Windows Mobile Device Center, which will start completely hidden and just sit there until you connect your phone and will take care of the automatic syncing.
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