Windows 7 Problem with UAC


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I am having a problem with being able to open the Control Panel along with the utilities included within. I can't open things like Default Programs, Devices and Printers, Uninstall Programs etc. Right clicking on the desktop and clicking on Personalize, Gadgets, Screen Resolutions does nothing. Gadgets are not running. I believe it started when I placed a check mark in the box next to Set to Not Notify when opening one of the control panel items. Now, many if not all the control panel items will not open. Is there a known fix for this?


Tune UAC to anything other than the lowest settings and most of that will work again.
It's a glitch in the beta, it'll be fixed by the time it releases to the public.
Try opening the control panel as an administrator.
To do this, hit the windows button, enter "control" in the search field. Right click on "control.exe" and hit "Run as an adminstrator". That might work.
I just wanted to thank everyone for their help. The only thing I was able to get working again were the gadgets by turning UAC back on via the regedit. Rather than waste anymore time, I decided to perform a clean install. All is working fine now.

For those with an NVIDIA GeForce card that causes a black screen during the last reboot of Windows 7 installation, whether a clean install or an upgrade, I found a reboot into F8 "Enable low-resolution video (640x480)" allows installation to complete with the desktop visible. Follow Win7 installation with a windows update to download the GeForce video card driver beta for Windows 7. This then allows the screen resolution to be set to the maximum without going black.