problems loading threads off of forums - won't display posts

Whether I'm in IE or Firefox or Chrome, I've been having problems loading thread pages off of forums - two different forums so far.

On one forum, I can't view the forum posts to the thread I created. For instance, on Banjo Hangout ( I created a thread under in the off-topic section of the forum site. If I hit this link it takes me to a blank page, whereas others are continuing to post on this topic and are not getting a blank screen. I can't even view this topic anymore.

This happens on another popular forum I'm subscribed to. Some of the threads I can read, but I can't understand why I can't read this thread.

The last thing I remember is hitting F12 accidentally while typing fast. It brings up a screen at the bottom of the monitor with DOM Explorer and a Debugger and I don't have a clue if this has anything to do with my situation.

Any suggestions?

I've tried rebooting, resetting IE advanced options to default, although it does this in all my browsers.



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Your problem sounds odd, and the thread does display correctly for me.

F12 just brings up the developer tools, and if is doing it in all browsers is unrelated.

I would start with a malware scan my friend, Malwarebytes full scan STAT!

I have a Net Nanny internet filter, and I had it NOT blocking internet access for 64-bit applications. I checked the box so it IS blocking internet access for 64 bit applications, and now the forums work fine. ??


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There you go!

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What is a 64bit internet application anyway?

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