Problems of Window


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May 20, 2013
If I open more application software on Windows at same time, why the Window is easy to slow or stop operation
If I understand your question correctly:
Why is it that as you open more applications at the same time, Windows will slow down or stop operating?

My first guess is that it sounds like you are overloading the capacity of your hardware: CPU, RAM, motherboard, GPU, etc.
Thanks, but all computers in our company have that problem and some computer is good for its hardware and system, so I think may be it is defect for source code of Windows as following reason

Source code is Frame of Windows and it is two figure, First we appoint one figure as the order of enter application software and other figure as the order of exit application software, second two figures can make up two circulations: small one and large one, then that two figure can place the cycle order to application software, so the application can cycle enter and exit

Now I think the permutation of that two figure is not good, so that cause application software cannot get the right order in time, so Windows or application software will slow or stop operation
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