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I'm actually trying to post to this forum about another issue, and wanted to get a Sandra Lite report. I installed the most recent version. It does the scan, but then doesn't post any information. It says report has been prepared, but there's only very general info regarding my computer, and the Save icon is dimmed and unusable. Does Sandra Lite no longer provide free computer reports? Is there another free application that will give an overview of my computer?



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It's been years since I last heard Sandra Lite referenced. Thought I would check it out. Looked like a pretty thorough program. I downloaded the latest version, installed it, and ran it, and darn if you weren't right. I configured the program to save the results to a file. It ran for a good 15 minutes, checking one thing after another and showing each test successfully completed. I found the report file, which consisted of a long list of headings. No results, just headings. It did contain some detail--error messages indicating that certain things it looked for weren't there to test. My recollection is that I tried this program years ago on another computer (probably an XP), and got similar non-results.

To answer your question, yes, Sandra Lite does still provide free reports, and they are worth every penny.

To answer your other question, see the Resources tab on this web site. CPU-Z will give you an overview of your computer.


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Thank you, Fixer1234! Looked but hadn't located the resources tab! I'll download the CPU-Z.


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thanks- I meant, before your original response, I hadn't noticed it!

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