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I'm in the market for a new case. I want to transfer my OEM HP into the new case for now and later on buy parts for a build later on down the road. My question is: What is the better position of the PSU, top mount or bottom mount? Does is really matter or is it preference?


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Diffinately preference..... Many people say they prefer it on the bottom because it is better for the cables and it sucks it only cool. (Air vents on bottom) Someone felt it is better at the top closer to the fans, the cables can be tied up, so no problem. ( I always worry about dust- here it is worst air quality in the country)


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As Celestra says it is usually a matter of preference although if you have a certain type of motherboard thats the only way things will fit (called, if I remember correctly, BATX). Personally though, I don't like placing a rather hot component at the bottom of a case knowing full well the thermal properties of heat. Plus cable management on a normal ATX motherboard would have to be rather creative as well as the cables needing to be of a good length.
Saying this though, there are some good examples out there, such as the Antec 900 or some of the Coolermaster models.
As you probably know all this has to be taken into consideration when building a system....


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Thanks Celestra and Kemical. I was thinking on those same lines but being a newbie to the build field I just wanted to check and make sure of the standards for installing a PSU. I'll go with top mount I reckon.....if need be I'll add an extra fan or two or three....

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