Q: Does Home Group work for you?

Would be interested in having feedback from those who are using or have tried to use Home Goup for networking. Please reply int the title with your Win7 edition, number of PC's/laptops, wireless/wired/combi and yes/no if you use Home Group for networking. Thanks a lot! :)

I'll post a sample right after this.:cool:

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x64 Pro - 5 PC's - Wired - Not working

Just can't get it to work at all. Half the time one or more computers cannot "see" the others (even if they show up under "Networking"). :(

However, using the old trusted file and folder sharing via a workgroup is painless.;)

Do not have the same name for any of my Win7-computers (understand that is too "advanced" for Win7 to understand).:confused:

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