Question About Retriving data from old Hard Drive like Paint, Pictures, Videos, Word Documents....


Hey there. I was hoping I could get some answers to this simple question. What I plan to do is use a screwdriver on my old Windows PCs, and then take the hard drives out.

Now is there some type of device where I can insert the Hard Drives in and then drag the files onto the new PCs?

Personally I do not want to go to a store and have technicians do it for me. I'd like to take my sweet time and go through the files myself. They're basically old Microsoft Word Documents, MS Paint, Videos, Pictures, etc... I hope you know what I'm talking about. Thank you in advance. Talk to you later.
You can use a spliter/ converter to temp read the hdd... they come in ide, sata, sata2 and usb3

word docs and pics should be ok but programs and most emails won't copy over.

ime it's better to replace the hdd with a new one and just image the drive with a good backup software but it's your stuff mate.
I would go with a dock style as it's less prone to getting bumped and unplugged. Just make sure if you do get a dock version that it supports laptop sized drives if you're going to be dealing with laptop drives as well.
My old Dell laptop died a while back. I was able to save every file on it with hard drive dock. Now I use it as an extra external h/d.

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