Radioactivity at Fukushima No.3 Reactor Continues to Leak into Ocean !


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Tokyo, May 15 (QNA) - The operator of Japan''s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant announced that radioactive materials continue to leak into the ocean near the plant. The Tokyo Electric Power Company said 140 becquerels of cesium-134 per cubic centimeter, was measured on Saturday morning near the water intake of the plant''s Number 3 reactor. That represents 2,300 times the legal limit, according to NHK World Radio Japan. It also detected 150 becquerels of cesium-137, which is 1,700 times the legal limit. On Wednesday, the utility found that highly radioactive water was continuing to flow into the ocean from a pit located near the water intake of the Number 3 reactor. On Friday, TEPCO detected 6,200 times the legal limit of cesium-134. The company says it will continue to monitor radioactivity levels near the plant.
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