Razor Blade Disposal


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When I was younger, and the places I lived were older, every medicine cabinet had a slot in the back of it to slip razor blades through neer to be seen again...unless someone did some remodeling and tore the wall down. Nowadays I end up collecting them in a little drawer, because I don't like the idea of a trash-man slitting his wrist on one, or someone scavenging the dump to cut his feet on.

I know that they sell containers for disposal, but that idea just doesn't make any sense to me, first because you have to pay for something extra, that doesn't really solve the problem, because eventually they will still have to go into the trash, unless someone invented something that would hold them in an acid or some other corrosive, so that the rust could be flushed down the drain.

Even a small plastic plate, similar to a light switch panel, that could be screwed or glued to the wall, so those blades could follow their ancestor's destinies. I've even considered trying to cut a slot in the back of the bathroom medicine cabinet myself, but then I would probably mess it up and have to explain it to my landlord.

Perhaps my thinking out loud will inspire one of the aspiring geniuses here to come up with a better idea that they can market.

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