Real Programmers don't use Pascal

You could gain a lot by optimizing the assembly code.
As I remember well, Ada became standard for MoD, a most remarkable language, with fixed point arithmetic and definable data structures, corners, directions defined in fractions of Pi. We used it on a Ferranti computer. Between old papers I found the Official Definition.
Those were the days. I am getting old....
:rolleyes::noway::noway::zoned:getting old is better than the alternative
Not always, my good friend. At the age of 88, I live in a country, not that of my birth, for family reasons. Every sinlge one if my friends, gained through a life time career of living “overseas”, have long since died. Fortunately, I have a large family , but, bottom line, you can live too long!
These unhappy feelings, are becoming more and more part of our lifes, we can't escape, nor change it, worrying won't help neither.
So for now try to forget it, because it can only become worse. :)
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