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I've already stumbled onto an issue with a users's profile and am trying to apply what I would typically do in XP to Windows 7 but it's stuck on wanting to load the Temporary profile for this user.
So as a novice of this sort, how can I recreate a users profile?

I am new to this place so if I placed this thread in the wrong place, let me know and I'll make the changes.


Restart your PC to release the locks on your profiles.

Log on with another administrative account.

Delete C:\Users\%username%

Delete C:\Users\TEMP

Delete the registry key matching your SID from
"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList". Check the value "ProfileImagePath" to make sure you pick your own profile.

Restart once again and then you're done!

How to Fix Corrupt Windows 7 Profile - Logged in as Temp |

I renamed the user to user.bak and then I went through the above procedure. I rebooted and logged in to get the new profile folders and then I logged in as administrator and then I copied the mydocs, desktop, and favorites folder back into the new directory. This resovled a problem with Word not closing.

Incidently after I went through the procedure and deleted the reg key, I could go back and forth between the backed up profile and the new profile by changing the folder names.


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While some effort was attempted at sharing useful details, unfortunately I think too little consideration was expended towards disclosing the information (merely) says...

'Restart once again and then you're done'

..the 'user is done'. But what about email, favorites and other settings, data and program access, are they 'done' too??

Or are they all 'toast', or does the writer claim that this method assures/re-enables the system is going be restored to the same condition as the user had it before having a corrupted user profile?

I think not. But then what do I know, or I wouldn't be in my predicament and reading posts like this.

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I finally found this post via another website and it was exactly the information I needed!
A huge THANK YOU to sat450 for the great info!!

However, I also pause at deleting a user's profile folder.
I was able to create a new profile with the instructions above but I renamed my user's folder user.bak instead of deleting it.
In my case there was not TEMP user folder so I was able to skip this step.

Also, just for clarity's sake -

"Check the value "ProfileImagePath" to make sure you pick your own profile."
You probably do not want to pick 'your own profile', rather, the user's old profile.

When my customer logged in to create his new profile the first thing he did, despite my advance warnings, was to freak out because all his desktop icons were missing.
Always think twice and then think again before deleting anything.

***Once again, a huge THANKS to sat450 for the info!!!

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