Windows 7 Remotely install Windows updates and install programs


Back story:
I am part of a large organization that has a large amount of computers on our domain controller. I have Administrative rights to the computers only, and network access rights on our network. I keep a number of computers up to date, including various 3rd-party programs (i.e. java, flash, etc), and I currently manually remotely connect to each computer and install the updates to the programs from a network share, then run Windows update, select all the critical updates (as well as all the applicable optional updates), then disconnect and move on to the next one. Needless to say, time quickly adds up.

use WinRM to:
determine which computers to issue the following using a text file:
install EXEs remotely from a network share using the local (issuing user's) logged in credentials
apply any important windows updates
Well, for installed programs, you can update most popular programs using Ninite (google it). As for installing Windows Updates with WinRM, I don't think there's any way to do it that way specifically.