Removing Your Own Appendix

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    FF8F7952B2223D4EB5997D387BA0. Having your appendix removed is a relatively simple surgical procedure. But not when you are stationed at a remote Antarctic station, 1,000 miles from help - and you're the only doctor.
    This is exactly what happened to Rogozov when he was part of the sixth Soviet Antarctic expedition in 1960.
    After showing classic symptoms of appendicitis, Rogozov knew his options were limited. With the help of a driver and meteorologist who held mirrors so he could view his own insides, the Russian performed the two-hour operation on himself, using a local anaesthetic and stopping only to allow attacks of nausea to pass.
    Two weeks later, he had returned to full duties at the station.

    Leonid Rogozov - Extraordinary tales of human survival

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