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You have probably noticed that we have been endorsing the RegistryBooster on Windows 7 Forums. This product simply works, and it works great. Plus, whenever someone actually uses this software we are paid a commission that helps to keep the website going. This is why we endorse this product:
  • It has the potential to solve visitor and member problems.
  • It also helps keep the site funded for paying hosting fees.
  • Try Uniblue RegistryBooster absolutely free.
I would like to talk more about the software, because it can seem quite elusive on the site and seem like something that may not be useful to you. This is probably not the case. The product we endorse on Windows 7 Forums, RegistryBooster, which is brand new, is a Microsoft Certified Partner produced software application. Very few software applications meet this criteria. If these programs can save our members hours of time, then we should offer them.

What this program does is very simple, but it is robust in the options it provides.

RegistryBooster has many features:
  • Fixes system-related errors.
  • Repairs user-related errors.
  • Isolates and removed third-party related errors.
One of the important goals of our site is to put many options on the table for our visitors. RegistryBooster is a big part of that, and has the potential, if used, to solve a big chunk of problems you may be experiencing. We endorse RegistryBooster first and foremost because it works.

Of course there will always be competitive products that try to do more for the system, I certainly recommend you give these products a try. If dissatisfied, you can always uninstall the software. We will be going to great lengths to provide every site visitor the best solutions we can, and our product endorsements are just one part of that.

To give you an idea of how these programs work on your computer, I am including a few screenshots for you to see the software in action.


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RegistryBooster, SpeedUpMyPC, and the Microsoft Gold Certified Parter program

To the Win7 Forum Community:

If any of you have by chance been wondering on the validity of the endorsed products RegistryBooster and SpeedUpMyPC, I can assure you that they are indeed a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner (MGCP). If you are wondering what a MGCP is, you can check that out here:

Also, to validate the fact that Uniblue is truly a MGCP, you can view their MGCP details page at the following Microsoft site:

I have not yet used these products, however I am in the process of downloading and will be sure to post a personal review of their effectiveness. In my humble opinion and prior experience however, MGCP products have always performed at exceptional levels, and I'm certain these shall as well.

I am not an affiliate, I do not get any profit or gain from this, I am merely giving my own personal opinion of this company. Again, I have not yet used their products, but I have used MGCP products before, and they do perform very well. Check back in a bit for my opinion of the performance of the RegistryBooster and SpeedUpMyPC.

Also, as Mike has stated in the locked sticky pasted below, the forum is paid a commission for each sale that pays for the hosting of this forum. Sooo, show a lil support for the place that helps y'all out with our issues hmmm? :eek:
Repair Windows: RegistryBooster and SpeedUpMyPC (What they do and how they work)

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All righty Win7 forum community. I promised you a review, so here it is. This is ONLY for RegistryBooster, as I have not yet reviewed SpeedUpMyPC.

First of all, how did I review the RegistryBooster?

2. Ran the Registry scan
3. MANUALLY read through and corrected any results that were repairable (i.e.: misguided paths, missing .dll files, undefined default programs, etc.)
3a. I did notice ONE insignificant fault not reported by the scanner. It was a mere misguided path. Nothing big, so really not of any concern. Just a note that RegistryBooster did miss at least one fault.
4. Re-scanned registry, no new faults detected.
5. Restored ORIGINAL registry
6. Re-scanned, all prior faults were found.
7. Ran the repairs.
7a. RegisrtyBooster only knows one action: DELETE all faulty keys!! However, this is true with many registry scanners. MY recommendation: NO MATTER WHAT SCANNER YOU USE... ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS read through the faults for any that can be corrected, rather than whimsically deleted.
8. Final analysis of RegistryBooster

It works. It did miss one tiny, insignificant, misguided path, but that was all. Unfortunately, there are no registry scanners out there that try to locate and redirect misguided paths, or download and replace missing .dll files, or set default programs. This is why you should ALWAYS read the fault reports and make as many manual corrections as you can. RegistryBooster provided a decent and easy to use interface, read through the registry quickly, and provided a reliable fault report. I would recommend this product. Just, again, be sure to ALWAYS read the fault report and correct what you can. Otherwise, any faulty keys will be simply... deleted.

Once I use and review SpeedUpMyPC, I shall post my findings on that as well.

On that note, it is now 0400hrs, I have yet to sleep, so off to bed I go. Good night y'all! Or... rather... Good Early Morning... >_<

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Uniblue RegistryBooster

I just read that the Forum recommends Uniblue RegistryBooster. This surprises me because my experience with registry cleaners has been that they have screwed up my computer. Also other forums that I have visited advise me to stay away from registry cleaners. Is Uniblue really good? If so, how much does it cost? And if I download it would I be able to save it to my downloads folder so it's available to use when I reformat?


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You should check out the free download. The price for the product is around $30 USD. We will be publishing videos of RegistryBooster and SpeedUpMyPC to show a hands-on review the software in the coming weeks. The products will not "screw up your computer" and are Microsoft Gold Certified Partner developed products. Microsoft itself has a registry cleaner, it is called regedit, and it's a complete nightmare :)

The problem is, when you install or uninstall software, it leaves traces of old files on your computer, depending on how well the uninstaller was written. The installer/uninstaller is usually the last thing a business worries about when developing software because most of the budget is placed in the development of the actual software application.

I believe you would indeed be able to save it and re-install it if you reformat the drive, but you can prevent reformatting your drive by maintaining proper backups. This is the key to keeping your computer 100% free of dataloss. Look into the product and see if it appeals to you. Remember, we did not develop this product, but it is a very good one, I'd say.

There are free alternatives, and a lot of those do have the potential wreak havoc on your system. I hope this answers your questions on it.

Thank you Mike, I appreciate this and it helps a lot.


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