Reverting from Windows 7 to Windows XP Pro (With SPANNED HARD DISKS)...


I have an evaluation version of W7Pro on my server, which has expired.

The system comprises of a single 100GB HD, which has the OS installed, and 2 x 500GB SPANNED IDE HD's holding data.

I need to revert back to XP Pro while keeping the SPANNED disks intact - is this possible?

I have just plugged the SPANNED disks into my main W7Pro PC - the BIOS only recognized a single HD (as 500GB), and the OS dis not recognize anything...

What can I do?

Demon :confused:

Don't get me wrong, I love love love W7, but cannot afford another copy yet. I dont want to go back to XP, but I have no choice at the moment.

So my SPANNED disks will be ok? How come they did not work on my main W7 PC?

I have no backups... (dont laugh)

Sorry, what stopped my main W7Pro PC from seeing the SPANNED disks? I am just trying to get my head around how W7 has SPANNED the disks...


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