RoomAlive Toolkit & Hacking Augmented Reality with Kinect

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    We've mentioned IllumiRoom and RoomAlive before, but at Build 2015 there was a dedicated session AND the release of the RoomAlive Toolkit too!

    Hacking Augmented Reality with Kinect

    IllumiRoom ( demonstrated how projection mapping can enhance entertainment. RoomAlive ( prototyped turning any room into an interactive, augmented experience. In this session, Andy Wilson (Microsoft Research) teaches the key concepts behind these projects including:

    • Kinect and projector calibration
    • Networking multiple Kinect sensors together
    • Displaying dynamic AR objects in real-time.

    Additionally, all tools and source code used in the session will be released on GitHub to enable you to make use of these techniques in your own projects.

    Project Information URL:


    RoomAlive Toolkit README

    The RoomAlive Toolkit calibrates multiple projectors and cameras to enable immersive, dynamic projection mapping experiences such as RoomAlive. It also includes a simple projection mapping sample.

    This document has a few things you should know about using the toolkit's projector/camera calibration, and gives a tutorial on how to calibrate one projector and Kinect sensor (AKA 'camera').


    • Visual Studio 2013
    • Kinect for Windows v2 SDK

    The project uses SharpDX and Math.NET Numerics packages. These should be downloaded and installed automatically via NuGet when RoomAlive Toolkit is built.

    Tutorial: Calibrating One Camera and One Projector


    ProjectionMapping Sample


    Calibrating Mutiple Cameras and Multiple Projectors


    More Online Resources

    Source Code URL:

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