Windows 7 Rporting clock speed in W7


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Jan 12, 2009
SiSoft Sandra reports it as 3.2ghz... and that's what the cpu is set to in the bios. 400x8.

Windows 7 reports the CPU as running at 2.66ghz, 2664mhz. Which is right? I think what I'm asking is whether the OS is throttling the cpu back to stock settings, or merely mis-reporting the clock speed. Any ideas?
That's interesting..... for whatever reason CPUID reports the core speed at 2400 ( multiplier of 6) most of the time... and sometimes bounces to 3200 with a multiplier of 8 . Then back down.

So, is the OS throttling the CPU? And how would I fix that?
I dont think it will be Windows but rather your BIOS. Most likely Asus' "AI NOS" feature. Boot to BIOS and see whats happening with it, just disable it if you want, or just leave it and it will boost performance as you load your cpu.
Well, I've shut off everything in the bios but the bus speed and the multiplier.... and the cpu speed does not change in cpuid or the windows environment except momentarily. No clues as to why CPUID reports the speed as 2400mhz... as I mentioned before, the cpu speed does momentarily bounce to 3.2, then back down to 2.4. Not sure why.
Any suggestions?
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