Windows 8 Running XP Pro apps on older system disk with Windows 8 on new system


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Nov 16, 2012
Good morning, folks!

Running XP Pro apps on older system disk with Windows 8 on new system

On my previous desktop computer, one of my IDE hard disks was partitoned into Drive C and Drive D. Each of the partitions had an installation of XP Pro so it was a dual-boot system.

My desktop system no longer works so now I have a laptop system with Windows 8. However, I have some important applications installed on C and D partitons of my hard disk drive which I need to run. I am assuming they wouldn't work directly in Windows 8.

If I connect that hard disk to my laptop with an IDE to USB adapter would I be able to boot from the external drive or do I need to do something else to run my XP applications of my older hard disk?

Or if I installl VMWare or another such program would I thne be boot with the XP Pro installed on my (now) external USB drive?

I'd appreciate any help.

Have you tried running the apps in compatibility mode? A surprising number of apps still work under the new os so it might be worth trying.
I'm pretty sure that booting into an external device running xp (or anything else) wouldn't work and vm might be the way to go..

Check out this article as it has several handy links which might help?
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