Windows 7 Rx Update: Async support, IAsyncEnumerable and more with Jeff and Wes

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    At PDC10, you were introduced to Async (new async and await language keywords), a new language feature in C# and VB.NET. At the same time, the Rx team shipped the latest version of their software, which adds the following capabilities to the library:

    • Support for the new C# await keyword (Observable.GetAwaiter)
    • ToTask and ToTaskLast operators
    • IAsyncEnumerable interface and all standard query operators for this interface.
    Here, Rx developers Jeffrey Van Gogh and Wes Dyer dig into what these new additions mean and how they work.

    Get Rx here. Learn the basics (Rx for beginners) here. Provide feedback to Jeffrey and Wes here.

    Enjoy. Learn. Code.



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