Safari Review.... too much RAM.......

In my search for a decent browser, I thought I'd try Safari. Apples assertion that i opens web pages faster is a bit deceiving. They're probably talking about the 12 pages that they have open at once! Collectively they take up around 250mb of RAM on this x86 Compaq C700 laptop. This is a ridiculous amount. Now granted I don't have to use the semi-hemisphere of open web pages, but then why would I use this browser in the first place. It comes preloaded with icons for the usual,apple, google, etc, ...maybe because Apple thinks its users are to inept to find them on their own. This is a heavily sponsored browser, and it lets you know it. The Apple auto-updater is not included in the amount of RAM being used because I uninstalled it before I took the screenie. I also have Opera installed and have used Opera in the past. Apple just looks like they've borrowed speed dial and curved it!
I will uninstall this browser because I don't like the NASCAR approach to surfing the web!


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That is a large amount of ram and just for browsing !


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What were you doing when safari was using all that memory? Right now, I'm seeing Firefox using much more memory than Safari. :confused: Hmmmmmm

Look at the pic! I had safari open to 1 site and task manager open. Firefox for me runs better, as does Opera.


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Chill dude, I did look at the pick. I saw that there was one window open. Why are there two instances of Safari? Even if I open Safari in another window, I only have one instance in the Processes tab. I'm just curious as to why there is one sitting at 200 MB of ram, and one with 40 MB.

Seems odd that there would be two...any thoughts?

Sorry to come across like that...I was also on the phone with a billing department and seemed to have taken it out on you...for that I apologize.
I do have some thoughts on why this is happening. When I open Safari, it opens to a home page that using approx 40,oook of RAM. When I hit the "twelve-pack of tabs" the RAM jumps to 2oo,oook of RAM with a second safari executable opening up using around 4o,oook of RAM. This to may be the curved-areo type effect thats opening in the 2nd .exe. But when I go back to single page, the RAM usage does not diminish. To add to that, the CPU usage is all across the map. I've set the preferences for a optimal setting, but the key is the multi-tab page. Once I hit it, the RAM usage never drops.

Opera 10 Beta runs quite smoothly with my Win 7 x64 RC.

Seems like it might just be your comp. I was using Safari and it was using no more RAM then Firefox usually does. This was with A LOT of tabs open btw. Both fluctuate between 25k and 300k. Even when it is at 200k+ it really doesn't seem to affect performance much.

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