SB XFI FATAL1TY + Z5500 issues...

Hi Guys!

Im brand new to the forum, but have been a long time reader.

Heres the story..
I installed W7 x64 ultimate OEM on my system just after it was released. I was running my Z5500 speakers via my SB fatality champion platinum sound card's coax output.

The other day I was bored and decided to fully utilise my setup by using the 6ch direct output of the soundcard. Now, when playing music, movies, any media, the sound is great for the first few minutes, then all the sudden speakers will cut out randomly? Most of the time, all speakers but the center and rear left cut out, and when they do, it sounds like the rear left is playing the front left channel and the center is playing the front right channel.
Just a few moments ago I was watching the college football game via my TV tuner on media center when all the sudden, All speakers but the center and subwoofer cut out? The subwoofer was playing all low frequencies OK, but the center was only playing a few light effects, as if it were a rear channel on an old style dolby prologic 1 system?

Keep in mind all this is random and works fine if I change songs or movies etc OR if I run directly through COAX out rather than the 6channel direct (but dont get the nice sound effects and enhancements of my SB card)

Please help :)

Not being rude, but thats the wrong card. :)

And yes, I have updated it to the latest. I also use the creative auto update system on a daily basis to ensure the latest drivers and software is installed.


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It's listed that way in your computer specs under your name.

ok so my drivers are always upto date.

what if i try XP drivers?..


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XP drivers rarely work in Windows 7


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You're correct, it wiped out my search results.

I should have checked the link first.

over it..

ok so if soundlbaster arent going to make windows 7 drivers for my sound card, maybe i should just buy another high end sound card designed for windows 7.

Any suggestions? It needs to have a good I/O 5.25" bay card similar to my current SB XFI platinum fatality champion series.

budget, upto $350 AUD

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