Windows 7 Screen size on SOF2 game


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My laptop originally was loaded Vista Home Premium, I took advantage of the free upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium (which incidentally cost me apx £22 for shipping charges)...
Details: HP Pavillion DV72110sa, AMD Turion X2 Dual Core 2.20GHZ (64 bit), 4 GB RAM, ATI Radeon 4530 512MB dedicated, screen resolution 1600x900.
All pgms ran fine on Vista, however, since upgrading to Win 7 I can't get Soldier Of Fortune 2 Gold Edition ro run with a full screen, the laptop resolution is 1600x900 which isnt in the SOF configuration but on Vista it did run on full screen, on Win 7 no matter what I do the best I get is 2/3... ok I know it is an old game which originally was designed for Win XP but I bought it barely 6 months ago and truth be known I like it!
I have tried playing the game in every mode you can think of, different screen resolutions, admin, win xp compatible, I have downloaded the ATI updated drivers, but still no joy...I would like to carry on using Win 7 but I can't find any support or clues anywhere...
I have contacted Activision, alas anything they have suggested hasnt worked.
And yet... people tell me that the game works fine on win 7, but how? HELP, please...
Thank you

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