Screen stays dark after minimizing or quitting a program

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    Hello everyone!

    Let me first say before I explain the problem that I have installed the latest drivers, reinstalled the program, and all that jazz and the problem still persists. Pretty much when I minimize or exit from a game I play called EVE Online, my LCD remains really dark. Kind of as if someone turned down the brightness really low on the LCD. I've figured out 2 workarounds but they aren't fixes. I simply log out and log back in and the display brightens to its usual brilliance or I hit Ctrl+Alt+Del and it has the same effect. But once I maximize the game and minimize again the screen darkens once more. Oh and in-game everything is perfect, it's only once I go to the desktop. Any ideas? I personally think its a something wrong with the refresh rate but I ahve no clue as to how to fix that.

    Attached my DxDiag info.
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