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I am always against data collecting mania over the internet but I would also like to use some of the bigger software.
Now I finally want to switch to Windows 10 and want to block as much as possible while knowing about possible disadvantages.
What changes should I make in Windows, which services can be blocked, what programs should be installed, what texts should I read to be prepared?
Which executables should have internet access which can be blocked?
What programs shall run in Containment, which can't?
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Well not getting into the debate over internet services. On Microsoft they do collection usage telemetry. This data is not linked back to you as a user. You will need to at least leave telemetry at "Basic" otherwise you won't be able to receive Windows updates. Beyond that you can go through the privacy settings and disable apps from using your data in any way.

Getting into 3rd party applications you're on your own as it's not likely short of trying to request information from the developers on what if any information they collect from your system. If you're worried about that I'd invest in a Security suite product that includes a robust firewall so that you can at least be cognizant of which applications are trying to make connections out and you can engage those vendors for more information.

I would also be aware that if something is free (ex Facebook) then you (and your information) are the product.


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You probably also want to do research on not only the companies in question, but their management companies and the data services they use. If a company isn't willing to provide that information, you probably want to avoid them.

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