Windows 7 Secret clue on windows 7?


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I am woundering what tipe of secret he is hiding there. looking for a clue in wikipedia and found nothin', i have spend my hours on it lol.. If any one haves a clue, u now where to come lol

Enjoy The Fish. I’m surprised that not many people seem to have caught the subtle joke with the Siamese fighting fish that is part of the default background, so I’ll do my part at keeping the secret hidden. Check out wikipedia for a clue.




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or maybe "If you're looking for a low maintenance pet you can't do "Betta" than a Siamese fighting fish." :rolleyes:

wikipedia says "Windows 7

The Siamese fighting fish has been used as the default background in the first official beta version of Windows 7 operating system, in an apparent reference to the name "betta"."

but dunno if that qualifies as a great joke :rolleyes:

I liked my thought better :p
I laff like a monkey on nitrous oxide every time my grandfather turns his box on!!! LMFAO! I'm still laughing!!! *

Pure mirth!!!

*I got rid of that fish within 5 mins of install because I couldn't get work done with all the laughter.


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this fish is called "betta" do you understand?:rolleyes: