Serious Help Needed: How to Store Downloaded Files?

hi all, i'm sorry to be asking this question here and wasting forum space, but I didn't know what else to do.

i really need help from the I.T experts here with storing MP4, MP3 and PDF files i've downloaded using the Bit Torrent client "Vuze".

this is my current procedure i'm following for storing files after the torrent file has finished downloading:
---i create a .TXT file and save the .TXT file in the folder of where the file has been downloaded. i then enter in this information about the torrent:
-the date of when i started downloading the file
-the URL of where i downloaded the .torrent file from.
-the amount of snatches
-the file size of the torrent in VUZE.
-a general overview of the comments that have been left by other people about the torrent so i can see if the feedback for the torrent is good or bad

there must be a more efficient way i can store information...?


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no problem asking the question.:) Generally, it's our policy not to assist members using Bit Torrent software or other P2P downloading apps that often contain DRM-violated content. Not to mention that those downloads are often infected with the latest in nasty spyware and ransomware viruses including the Crypto-Locker Ransomware virus and it's many new variants, which is especially heinous once loose on a user's PC.

I'm not familiar with Vuze as I stopped using Bit Torrent, Pirate Bay, etc. several years back after getting warnings from my ISP if I continued they would terminate my Internet with no chance of reinstatement etc. If someone else wants to answer here, then you may get a response. If I've overstated things, one of the Admins may answer you or redirect you to another forum where you can seek help.



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While I don't really see the need to save any of this information, you could store it in an excel file or access database.

instead of saving the information about the .torrent file using a .TXT file couldn't I just take a screenshot to save time and save the .JPEG file?

your replies are appreciated!

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