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Server Taskbar Button Behaviour


New Member
Feb 26, 2023
I would like to get the default win10 behaviour, where the taskbar buttons are all to the left, and open windows show up separately to the right. Right now, when a window associated with a button is open, the button changes to a large window button, and other program icons move to the right. I like the muscle memory of having program icons stay put. Is there a way to change this?

It's an impossible request to google--all I get is generic win10 suggestions....
How are we supposed to know what version of Windows you are on? You posted this in the server sub-forum. Need more information to try to help you in terms of what you are talking about.
To clarify further, here are two screenshots. When I open an explorer window, all the icons to the right of it are moved over. This does not happen on win 10 pro. When I have 3 or 4 windows open, my program icons are spread all across the taskbar, and it makes it difficult to find the one I'm looking for.
No huge deal, but it's literally the only complaint I have in moving from pro to server (which I did to avoid bloatware and 'feature' updates in a production environment.)


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thats normal in Windows 10 [actually started in Windows 8] and they open in the order they are on your task bar
Screenshot (1202).png

Screenshot (1203).png

left click and hold the icon then drag it to a new spot in the line... when you open the task bar icon it will now show in the new order
Wow, I have four win10 pro machines, and none of them behaves that way. They open a new tab for an open app, and leave the app icons in place. Apps to the left, open windows to the right, which is so much more helpful than having them randomly interspersed. I think the newest of them is 2019...

I wonder why? But anyway, sounds like it's not a windows server problem per se, so I'll look elsewhere. Thanks!!!

Edit: I guess I just have 'combine taskbar buttons' enabled on all my other machines. I thought they still showed open apps, but I must be remembering some pre-win8 situation.

It would be a nice feature, but I guess I've done okay without it for the last decade or so.... ;)
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