[SEX EMAIL SCANDAL] Two workers suspended over Jenni Palmer banter

Two City workers Sebastian Marsh and Harry Fildes have been suspended after being caught up in an email sex scandal.

Marsh asked friend Fildes if it was OK to ‘have a go’ at his ‘hot’ ex-girlfriend and flatmate Miss Palmer, and he received replies insulting her.

Fildes went as far as calling Miss Palmer a f***ing t*** in the email exchange.

The email was discovered after Fildes accidentally cc’d it to Miss Palmer, leading him to fear he was 'in so so so much trouble'.

Marsh is now off work at Millers Insurance while Fildes has been suspended at property firm GL Hearn following investigations.

Operations director at Millers Insurance in the City of London John Bissell said: 'He is off work while we investigate the situation.

'I have seen the email exchange that originates from Miller from him in his personal capacity.

'We don't condone the behaviour of that sort of nature.'

GL Hearn issued a statement saying: 'GL Hearn upholds the highest levels of professional conduct at all times.

'We have an email policy in place which was recently breached by a member of staff. We have addressed the matter with the member of staff and taken steps within the business to prevent a future infringement of our email policy.'

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