Windows 10 Sharing Printer via IPP


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I am using Windows and Linux systems. I have a printer with wifi that I can share easily to a Linux system since the printer directly supports IPP.

However, I have another printer with no Wifi that is connected to a Windows 10 system. I would like to share that printer as well to Linux via IPP.
I have not been able to find a web page that shows me how to share a printer from a Windows system via the IPP protocol.
All the pages I can find show me how to connect a Windows 10 system to an IPP printer.

I assume that I need either built in Windows 10 Printer Sharing via IPP or another application that will share the printer onto the network via IPP.

Can someone help?
I thought I found the solution. Use LPD rather than IPP to share a windows printer to linux. On the windows system, enable the Windows Features - the LPD print service and LPR Port Monitor, then the printer shows up in the Linux Mint 20.2 add printer dialog.

But it doesn't work. So still no solution.
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