Shooting on nuclear submarine HMS Astute, man arrested

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    Two men have been shot on nuclear submarine HMS Astute, in Southampton. A man has been arrested.
    The HMS Astute shooting took place around midday as the nuclear sub was berthed at the docks. An officer was killed and another man injured.

    An armed guard on the ship was arrested after the shooting and will be charged with murder. He is thought to have used a 9mm pistol.

    Police have sealed off the area and five police cars and an ambulance have all been seen heading to where it took place.

    A police spokesman said: "Hampshire police were called by their Ministry of Defence colleagues at 12.12pm today and are currently liaising with them to establish the exact circumstances of the incident.

    "People should be reassured there is no risk to public safety."

    According to police, the shooting was not terror related.

    Nuclear submarine, HMS Astute arrived in Southampton on Wednesday, following 46 days at sea. The sub has a crew of 98.

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