Windows 7 Shutting down screeen


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When the computer shuts down the screen gets bright blue for several minutes. In my case the computer is beside my bed and when I close it is to get to sleep because I'm tired. Well, this VERY bright and VERY blue screen is exactly the color that makes people awake and alert and it shines up the whole room for minutes. On top of the color and bright light it gets me angry at the computer and at Microsoft. Then I can't sleep.
Can someone pleases tell me how I kill this BLUE and bright chut-off screen (or whatever it's called) for all and eternity?!


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That depends. Is your computer a laptop or a desktop PC? Is it a OEM computer (Acer, Dell, HP, Toshiba)? Is your display connected to an external display port on the laptop? Or is the display connected directly to a desktop PC?

If it's a laptop, you can change your sleep settings. Here's a short little video to help you do that:

This should take care of the problem, unless you have a problem with your display monitor. If the problem persists, you can try to borrow another monitor from a friend or another computer in your home and swap them out. If the problem abates using the test display monitor, then it's your original monitor that is faulty and should be replaced.

Let us know how it goes.


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I think you missunderstood me. The blue bright screen is not a malfunction. There's no error. And it's a laptop. The problem is that the very blue and bright color during chut off is something that wakes people up which is not good when you are going to sleep.


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The Windows shutdown screen is a bright blue. There isn't a way to turn that off. You can either lower your brightness or just close the lid after you initiate a shutdown.