Skype muted all sounds


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Hi all,

I'm having problem with my speakers. I'm not sure, where problem is,so if enyone have any kind of clue, please help me. I recenty had call on Skype, during the conversation I plugged in my headphones. After I finished that call, I unpluggeg headphones, and notices that my notebook speakers are muted. Windows shows that it's not muted, devices are enabled and so on ... everything seems to be right, except the silence. Funny thing is, if I open skype options and go to sounds, and try to replay some of the sounds there, it works ... PLUS it also plays musis I have turned on in background, as soon as skype sounds ends -> silence again. I't been bugging me for a week, I've tried to reinstall windows meanstime, didn't work ... I was kind of shocked, since if it were HW problem, there would be no skype sounds at all ... if it's a SW problem, fresh Win should have got things on the right place ... I'm not sure what am I missing here so please, if anyone can, share you ideas with me :).Really Thanks gyus .. see ya


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you need to make sure it didnt auto swap the output from speakers to headset (and more so if USB headsets which dont use the inbuilt soundcard at all) as you may have more than one audio device, in my case I have 3 devices, my gpu's hdmi audio card, my xfi card and usb headset/mic, so you have to make sure the correct one is highlighted as active in the sound properties.
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