Slow printing, Word 2007 takes a long time to do so

Whenever I try printing a Word 2007 document there is a 'Connecting to printer. Press ESC to cancel' message in the bottom corner. It takes 2-4 minutes for the print dialog box to pop up and another 2-4 minutes for the document to actually start printing. The printer is a shared HP Photosmart with the latest drivers.

On my Windows XP machine, I do not experience these issue.

Any ideas?


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There may have been a problem displaying this thread that has been resolved.

On to your question, there is a lengthy discussion about this on the TechNet forums which may help you to solve this problem:

(Really really) Slow print under Vista - TechNet Forums

That didn't help.


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You don't list your machine spec... It may help if you do. :)

I solved the problem. I deleted the printer, added as a local printer mapping it to the server \\server\printer. Thanks anyway.


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Cool.... :)

Hello there!
I have been trying to fix my slow printing problem for a few weeks now. I am attempting to add the printer port as suggested but each time I get an "access denied" error box. Here is my setup:
I have a D-Link DIR-655 wireless router (which I believe is the source of my woes).
I am running Vista Ultimate on my main machine where the printer is shared.
I have Vista Ultimate on two laptops all on the same workgroup.
I mentioned above that I suspected the router because I did not have the same issues prior to my Linksys dying. I was able to print just fine. Now it is insanely slow taking minutes at a time to open a print dialog box on my laptops.
If anyone has an idea how to bypass the access denied error when adding a port I would be very grateful. I tried to right click in the printer box but I do not see the "run as" option. I even tried changing some of the security options to no avail. I would grately appreciate any help!

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