smart phone, mobile network not available


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My Sony Experia mobile does not work as it says "mobile network not available".

It worked OK for the last 7 years, suddenly the phone says Mem.Error, delete some files from sd or internal storage.


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This isn't really a phone forum, and you'd be better served asking on one. Have you tried the basics though like a reboot, factory reset and sometimes the sim card well just need to be replaced.


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To update my post I wanted to add that in fact, this is a big problem for me because the phone's memory runs out so quickly that I don't know where to upload this information. Besides, I'm looking for a case for my phone and if you can advise me on the best one, I will be glad. I have an iPhone X. Recently, a friend of mine smashed his phone because it was without a case and protective glass, I don't want to repeat his mistake. So I found India Gadget Guide, where there are reviews of different phone cases. Which one would you choose?


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I've spotted the same problem on my Xperia 1 II. As the guys above suggested, I cleared up memory and rebooted the phone. Now everything is okay. The situation itself is unpleasant; I even had to rent a phone number quackr: Free Temporary Phone Numbers for Verification | Receive SMS Online, bypass SMS to be able to call via tablet. Also, is it solely a "feature" of Sony phones? But if memory cleaning works, the software isn't the issue. Can someone recommend cloud services to upload files to? I'm thinking about GDrive, but I'm not sure is it safe enough. I know that Samsung has collaborated with Microsoft's OneDrive.
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