Windows 7 Snipping tool and Send Snip doesn't work ?


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it ask me to install an email program first but I already installed Windows Live mail ??

Windows Live Mail is configured for my internet provider and is working fine.

It tells you to go into the default program thing and associate windows live with the default mail program. Click Start>Default Programs Now associate windows live with the default mail program.
thanks but done that already and it didn't work...

is there other email program that look like Windows mail...

How about you just save it to your desktop and then attach it to your email. IT does the same thing just a couple seconds extra.
hehehehe Done that too !

I use snipping tool a lot... Windows 7 is suppose to make things faster :)

Well since I didn't really see any improvement over my Vista.... I was hoping that copying files would be at least faster....As slow as vista....

I can confirm that removing dual boot is very easy.... just boot Vista and run msconfig....
The Snipping tool takes a lot of time off having to take a screen shot and then opening it in paint and cropping it to the size you want it.