Software issue on Windows 10

Hi! I run a store in Montreal. I recently purchased windows 10 for my new desktop. I installed my store's pos software into my new system. Now, the software crashes on Windows 10. It is working fine on my old Windows 8 desktop. I am using Multiflex retail pos software. Is it something to do with Windows 10 or is it my software's issue?

Joe S

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The software wasn't made for Windows 10 see if the maker has any updates. Quickbook 2016 is having problems on Win 10 also. Early stages of a new OS often have software and hardware problems. Personally I think Win 10 was released to soon.

I Hope you created a full system image backup to revert to 8 before upgrading.


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As others have stated, first check with the POS software company to see if they have a update for Windows 10. The software is probably not compatible with Windows 10. If they do not then your best course of action would be to go back to Windows 8. If you did the upgrade and it was recent you can press (Windows key +i) go into Backups and Recovery and there should be an option to revert back to your Windows 8 install.

Problem with reverting back is sometimes it can cause your account to be corrupt, possible data loss. I had reverted one of my machines from 10 to 8.1 using the Backup and Revcovery and had some issues afterwards. That is why now, I will create a system image. If I want to revert, I just pop in the Repair Disk and relaod the image, no problem. My solution might not be the best, but it is fullproof.

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