Solid-state drives lose data if left without power for just a few days


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Storage. It's not a sexy topic. But everyone uses it in some way or another. You have iPhones, you have computers. Everyone knows how important a person's data is. But it doesn't just "disappear."

Or does it?

New research suggests that newer solid-state hard drives, which are faster and offer better performance, are vulnerable to an inherent flaw -- they lose data when they're left dormant in storage for periods of time where the temperature isn't properly regulated.
The worrying factor is that the period of time can be weeks, months, but even in some circumstances -- just a few days. :shocked:
Very interesting article. Right now, prices are still high on higher capacity SSD drives, so people aren't typically going to store them for years when it costs $500 or more to buy 1 drive, often more than the cost of the PC or laptop they are being placed into replacing a slower mechanical drive. But, now that more reliable SSD drives under 200GB are under the $100 price point, more people will start doing this. Good idea to pay attention to temperature conditions there. Might be a good idea to store in a bank deposit box, since banks closely regulate their vault temperatures so as not to affect degradation of documents, and paper money. In other words, keep the SSD drives you want to store out of a garage workbench drawer or box where temps could go well over 40 C or 120 F.